Recognized by everyone for her being indomitable, Frida Kahlo has inspired with her personality this new Attic and Barn season.
A joyful collection that takes shape in the fabrics, colors, prints and embroideries of local craftsmanship, simple and true, and that gives life to a modern concept of beauty, perfect blend of Mexican personality and cultural identity.

There are many Frida Kahlo, all modern, all icons: the feminist, the artist, the woman in love, the injured woman, the non-conformist who invents her own personal style of dress.
Faithful to the idea that without ‘the being’, the appearance just loses sense, her style of clothing seeps love for shimmering colors and attachment to life.

And from this passionate blend able to create harmony in the contrast between colors, styles and typical Mexican fabrics mixed with French silks and Spanish cottons, inspires the new collection Attic and Barn. A versatile, fresh collection designed to face and win with irony all everyday challenges.