An invitation to explore an ever-shifting world, in which change comes slowly but constantly, beguiling and free. The sails of this geographical pinwheel are interpreted by Attic and Barn in a thrilling and intense summer collection that conveys the idea of an eternal holiday, a flight in time and space that will enchant and delight.

India, 2020

The exotic and seductive route of this journey lingers in Marrakech and Ibiza, Delhi and Jaipur, and enters the flow of their hedonistic ambience with a plethora of inspirations that come together in the brand’s summer garments. The result is a luxury wardrobe with a cosmopolitan touch whose garments retain the kaleidoscopic vision that inspired them, while reinterpreting it with exquisite modernity. And so ancient artisan traditions blend with urban influences in an array of contrasts that gives rise to unexpected vibes.

Milan, 2020

The distinctive stylistic codes of Attic and Barn – clean lines, meticulous use of colour, regard for pattern, delicacy in garments – are combined with traditional Indian designs applied by pad printing, reminiscent of the Bohemian styles of the 70s. And there’s the magic achieved with colours, highly saturated and used to heighten the relaxed, dreamlike atmosphere. There are candied shades, subdued tones that come together with more vivid hues; brilliant splashes of fuchsia mix with paisley patterns in pastel shades to give cool style.

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